View Live streams

The entire summit will be live streamed on Twitch to everyone! No need to travel to San Francisco, risk disease, or even leave your bed. Get to see all of the content that we have planned from the safety of your computer, phone, or tablet.

Chat with our team!

Ask questions to the people who actually make War Dragons. Get all of the burning questions you have answered and learn more about the vibrant world of War Dragons

Watch our Artists

We will be going in depth into the world of War Dragons art. Watch as a dragon comes to life and learn what it takes to make our favorite designs.


If we get 400 concurrent viewers on either of the Q&A streams, all Dragon Lords will receive a Summit 2019 portrait, so we need everyone’s help to achieve this feat! It will only be available during this event, so make sure to share the link to the stream or any of our social posts with your teammates to help get us one step closer to the portraits below!